Ron Marlett's painting of Spanish Hills in Camarillo, California.

Canary Island Palm 24" x 36" October 29, 2011
  In order for Ron Marlett to be a full time artist, he lived in one of his Uncle Orville's townehome properties located in Camarillo, California between 1990 and 2006. Ron became artistically interested in a farm that was managed on the hillside of Spanish Hills located at the north end of Camarillo. Ron took pictures and made sketches of the plowed land, but Ron did not start the painting until years later when he was living with the Newhalls. Ron's painting captures the land just moments after sunrise when the sun  was lighting the tops of Camarillo's hills. Ron took advantage of the long shadows and plowed land to create  a composition that would lead the viewer's eyes up to the canary island palm tree located on the hilltop.  You can buy a framed or unframed poster or canvas print in various sizes of this painting at Ron Marlett's Store

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