Marlett eating lunch with Gauguin and Van Gogh.

Lunch at Vincent's 36" x 48" February 15, 2003
   The two master artists that influenced Ron the most were Gauguin and Van Gogh. While playing the McDonald's Monopoly game, Marlett  came up with the idea of creating a series of paintings that included him with Gauguin and Van Gogh  living and painting in Aries, France. The paintings were to become a personal diary of what life would be like if Marlett transported back in time to the moment when Gauguin was living with Van Gogh. Marlett imagined that Gauguin and Van Gogh would probably have played fast food games if the games were available during the 19th century. Marlett is shown peeling away the winning game piece and Gauguin and Van Gogh reacting to Marlett's good fortune. In the upper right side of the painting is Marlett's diary entry which makes a humorous  reference to Gauguin and Van Gogh's ornery temperament. You can buy a poster of this painting at Ron Marlett's Store

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