Assault on Battery Wagner in July of 1863.

Assault on Battery Wagner   30" x 40"   July 18, 1990
   In January of 1990, Ron Marlett's younger brother Rich suggested creating a publishing company that would feature posters and limited edition prints of Ron's military art. Ron began work on illustrating the Second Battle of Fort Wagner. The Union attack occurred on July 18, 1863 and was led by Colonel Shaw in front of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the first African American regiment mustered into service during the Civil War. The painting Assault on Battery Wagner was completed on July 18, 1990, and the sales of the limited edition prints were brisk thanks in part by a previously released war film called Glory (1989) which popularized the battle. Another event that helped sell Ron's prints was the indirect endorsement of General Colin Powell who displayed his limited edition print prominently in his office while serving as the Joint Chief of Staff. Posters of this painting are available at Ron Marlett's Store