British Tiger Moth Tainer-1939 by Ron Marlett

British Tiger Moth Trainer - 1939
12" x 18" Acrylic   August 21, 1985
   Ron Marlett briefly pursued a career in commercial art between 1984 and 1986. This piece was done on an illustration board using acrylic paints and was to be included with other illustrations in his portfolio. Ron used photographs of the DH 82 Tiger Moth  he found in a book that celebrated the history of England's Royal Air Force to create this illustration of the aircraft as it appeared in 1939. The image was painted with a combination of airbrush, washes, and brush techniques.  Ron designed the composition so that another Tiger Moth in the foreground was used as a framing mechanism for the Tiger Moth in the background. At the beginning of WWII, the flying instructors only gave the new recruits 12 hours of dual time before the recruits were expected to fly solo.