Portrait of Scout Newhall by Ron Marlett.

Scott Newhall   28" x 22"   August 7, 1996
  One of Ron Marlett's earlier portrait commissions was the Scott Newhall piece commissioned by Ron's niece and her husband Dave Newhall. Scott Newhall was Dave's grandfather and a direct descendent of Henry Mayo Newhall who was one of the first railroad and land developers in 19th century California. Scott Newhall was the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, and later, the owner and editor of the Newhall Signal newspaper. Scott Newhall was remembered as a jovial person, but Ron chose to paint him as a serious man who wrote editorials that slammed racism, bigotry, and political conservatism. Ron created an asymmetrical balance by offsetting the face and adding a curtain in the background. The curtain and jacket lapel creates a strong diagonal line across the pictorial space. The gold button cover is one of three Mexican coins that Scott bought and had made into a cufflink set.

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