Ron Marlett's portrait of Tiffany Alexis Zow.

Tiffany Alexis Zow   36" x 24"   1997
  The second commission from Melissa Robinson was Melissa's granddaughter Tiffany. Melissa sent Ron a studio photograph of her granddaughter along with a list of things she would like to have in the painting. Ron organized all the elements into a composition that framed in the main subject matter. One interesting area of the painting is the blue sky. As the blue color approaches the figure, the hue gradually changes from dark to light. The light blue creates a stronger contrast between the figure and the background. The dark blue color gives added weight to the arbor, which frames in the figure and causes the viewer's eyes to focus on the figure's face. Another element that Ron incorporated into the composition is the yellow butterflies that are used to complete the circle of flowers. You can purchase a framed or unframed poster of this painting in various sizes at Ron Marlett's Store  
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