Ron Marlett's self portrait.

Self Portrait with a Hat   30" x 24"   September 17, 2003
 When Ron Marlett turned 50-years old; he created this self portrait to use as an illustration for his website's biography page. Ron wanted his portrait to be an honest representation of his face that included wrinkles and blemishes. He used a photograph that he took of himself and a hand held mirror during the painting's production. The composition is unusual compared to other portraits Ron has painted. He sits in a relaxed posture with his right hand on his knee. His face is turned away from the viewer as he looks toward the painting's light source. The open jacket and angled posture are importrant elements in producing a pyramid shape that leads the viewer's eyes up to the artist's face. The type of clothing the artist chose to wear for his portrait reflects his casual attitude toward his appearence and life style. Ron preferred dressing in blue jeans, t-shirt, and boots so that he could periodically work at his easel throughout the day and night.

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