Ron Marlett's portrait of Mary LaBlanc.

Mary LaBlanc   34" x 30"   December 26, 2004
  Ron Marlett met Theresa and Frank LaBlanc at the Aniar Academy of Irish Dance in Laguna Niguel, California. Theresa LaBlanc was a co-owner of the dance studio where Ron and his niece's family took dance lessons. The LaBlanc family was involved in a major renovation project with their home and commissioned Ron to paint a portrait of their daughter that would hang above the living room fireplace. This was the first commissioned piece that Ron had the opportunity to design the composition from the patron's home. The environment that Mary stands in is the LaBlanc's living room where Ron rearranged the furniture and accessories to work as elements in the painting's balanced structure. Ron painted the environment in neutral colors receding into a black background so that Mary in her satin dress would stand out as the painting's focal point.

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