Ron Marlett's portrait of his niece Samantha.

Night Reader   28" x 22"   September 2, 2006
  Ron Marlett's niece and her husband Dave Newhall wanted a portrait of their daughter that would be appropriate for their Victorian style decorating. Ron began the painting by making a preliminary drawing where he could solve perspective problems associated with the intricate Baroque designed binding of the book and fabric pattern in the chair. The book itself is an exquisite representation of a book written by Dave's grandmother Ruth Newhall. Ron invested many hours modeling the different gradations of the face, arms, and hands so that the transitions between light and dark were very smooth. Individual strands of hair weaving in and out of the light were carefully painted using an 18-0 liner brush.  Of all the elements that made this painting Ron's favorite portrait was his grandniece's eyes. One eye is receiving incident light while the other eye is in a shadow receiving reflective light. The two eyes are an interesting study of how different light sources can affect glassy surfaces. You can buy a poster of this painting at Ron Marlett's Store

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