Orlando Hand Bears' portrait of Mrs Minor and Daughter.
Ron Marlett's copy of Bears' painting.
Mrs Minor and Daughter (1838) by  Orlando Hand BearsCopy of  Bears' painting by Ron Marlett

Mrs Minor and Daughter copied by Ron Marlett  20" x 17"   October 14, 2006
  The copy of Bears' painting started as a project for Ron Marlett's niece who wanted a poster of Bears' Mrs Minor and Daughter enhanced with acrylic gel medium. Ron mounted the poster on foam board and painted acrylic gel medium over the poster to give it the illusion of a real painting. The gel was old and the final coat dried into tiny white dots. Ron decided to use oil paints to reestablish the image, but soon found himself preoccupied with creating an original oil painting. Shadows were added into the dark dress and the little girl's white dress. The little girl's face, hands, and basket she holds were redesigned. The couch's arm was lightened and more detail was added to the couch's back. The skin tones of the woman and girl were rendered in warmer colors and the woman's comp and jewelry were given more definition. Eventually the painted poster was removed from the foam board and laminated onto a streched canvas for a stronger support.

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