Ron Marlett's portrait of Elizabeth Walden.

Elizabeth Walden   20" x 16"   May 15, 2010
  The sixth commission from Melissa Robinson was Melissa's great grandmother Elizabeth Walden. Elizabeth was half white and half Indian who was born in the mid 19th century. The only surviving photograph that was taken of Elizabeth was when she was in her senior years. Melissa wanted a picture that illustrated what Elizabeth may have looked like as a young woman. Ron Marlett studied the old photograph of Elizabeth and made a drawing that focused on her cheek bones, chin, nose, and forehead, and then imagined what her face would look like without the sagging skin and deep wrinkles. The hair was painted in a style fashionable during the 1880s and a Victorian shoulder coat was drawn from pictures found on the internet. Melissa liked the coat and wanted to carry the colors into the background by adding pink and red flowers to the imaginary scenery that Elizabeth stands in front of. 

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