Still Life with a Sword - Billed Hummingbird by Ron Marlett.

Still Life with a Sword-Billed Hummingbird   40" x 30"   July 11, 1994
  Ron Marlett's visual experiences during his Tahitian adventures become evident in this piece. The canvas is bursting with flora, and the subject matter is actually forced inward by the canvas's restrictive boundaries. The South American hummingbird in the upper-right corner is completely subdued by the overwhelming floral design. The white flowers on the left side of the painting are striking and off-center. These elements have the power to turn the painting into a chaotic mess, but are brought under control by the bright yellow squash in the lower right area. With this painting, Ron began a life-long career painting still life art using a rich variety of subject matter.You can buy a poster of this painting at Ron Marlett's Store

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