Classical Still Life with Fauna by Ron Marlett.

Classical Still Life with Fauna  40" x 60"   January 15, 1997
  Spanning a period of two years, Ron invested 837 hours into the creation of Classical Still Life with Fauna. The subject matter  reflects the artist's interest in neo-classical design. His use of a canvas bursting with colorful elements of flora and fauna shows his desire to represent nature in a way  that explores the persistent tension between our desire to control it and the fundamental impossibility of doing so. The animals and insects appear in the scene, together with the flowers, and all seem oddly out of place; the birds don't seem to notice the insects, and all the animals seem to be gathered too close together. And yet, despite this air of control, the animals are obviously free, and the flowers are bursting forth in a nearly chaotic explosion. Classical Still Life with Fauna is a delightful study of nature's irrepressible beauty and dynamism. You can buy a poster of this painting at Ron Marlett's Store