Night of the Plum Rose.

Night of the Plum Rose  22" x 28"   April 24, 1999
 After painting Still Life with Lovebirds, Ron Marlett wanted to explore further the romantic metaphor. In Night of the Plum Rose, Ron uses flowers, fruit, and candy to symbolize the anticipation of sensual delight. Water drops on the plums and flowers represent that anticipation, as do the bites in the plum and chocolate. All the design elements of the painting suggest sensuality: the ribbon winding gently through the flowers and fruit, the soft petals of flowers, the succulent plums and chocolates, the water droplets and syrup, and the soft dark colors throughout the composition. The plum has been bitten into, expossing its sweet insides; the chocolates evoke impressions of sweet taste, and the plums and flowers evoke empressions of sweet scents. The deep red colors throughout the painting  symbolize intense passion. Even the title itself suggests passion, particularly Asian works such as Kama Sutra. Ron has created  a painting that encourages the viewer to visualize the experiences of romantic passion and love. You can buy a poster of this painting at Ron Marlett's Store