Jesse Mack by Ron Marlett.

Jesse Mack   5 x 7   October 9, 2016
 Ron Marlett painted this small portrait of Jesse as a Christmas gift for his friend Anthony's mother. Anthony's parents Sydney and John purchased the Persian cat when Jesse was a couple of weeks old.  Jesse's face looks like he is angry, but the folding skin on the cat's forehead is one of the traits that characterizes Jesse's Peke-face breed. The Persian breed standard is mostly focused on a round appearance. The long hair contributes greatly to the Persian's round shape. The hair also gives the illusion that the cat's body is much larger than it realy is.  In the 1970s, Ron's sister Glennis was involved with breeding Persian cats and he remembered how much time Glennis spent getting her Persians ready for the different cat shows that were held in southern California.

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